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Betta has the advantage to offer the best quality and the latest technology in all of our products,this is achieved with a dedicated and experienced workforce.All processes are inspected and tested to achieve our customers standards.
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What We Do
Our factory capacity for now is 150,000 units a year with the option to expand for the future.  Betta has two options for our coating process,air induced fluidized bed dipping and electrostatic manual spraying. The epoxy resins that we are currently using is approved by many countries and water authorities including WRAS & Australian Standards. Betta has all of the testing equipment to insure full compliance in the coating processes,they include electronic micron level testing,high voltage spark testing,castings are shot blasted three times to achieve the best preparation for coating. Our automatic pre-heating and curing facility is the best available.Assembly and hydraulic testing are all  real subject to 100%evaluation to assure only the best quality.

Betta range of product include,DIN BS or AS resilient seated gate valves,double flanged or socket ends for ductile iron pipes or PVC pipes,double eccentric butterfly valves,wafer or lug butterfly valves,swing check valves,double orifice or single air release valves,BS fire hydrant,spring hydrant,ductile iron pipes and fittings,valves extensions and surface boxes,eIectric actuators,Pneumatic actuators,hydrauIic actuators,actuator positioners and actuator controls Our priority is manufacturing excellence, innovative and customized solutions to continuously enrich our product range.
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