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Betta has the advantage to offer the best quality and the latest technology in all of our products,this is achieved with a dedicated and experienced workforce.All processes are inspected and tested to achieve our customers standards.
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BETTA Fluid Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
BeiGongWu Road, YuQi Industry Park,
HuiShan District, WuXi 214183,
JiangSu Province, China
Tel: 0086-510-83881123
Fax: 0086-510-83881217
Email: sales@bettaindustries.com
Website: www.bettaindustries.com

BETTA Australia Pty Ltd
Contact Person: Tony Iskra
Mobile: 0061-417 500 132
Contact Person: Paul Chesterfield
Mobile: 0061-407 736 526
Email: sales@bettavalves.com
Website: www.bettaindustries.com

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And Use Similar Or Higher-quality Materials
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